Bending Split Rings

Bending Split Rings

Posted by Jason (Owner) on Feb 13th 2021

An essential part of building a bird toy is having an end to your bird toy. One way to add an end on a bird toy is using a split ring. Split rings will keep everything from falling off your toy. … read more
Building With Plastic Chain

Building With Plastic Chain

Posted by Jason (Owner) on May 4th 2020

                     Building with chain can be a fun and easy way to create something for those busy chewers. This toy was built with 6mm p … read more

Wire Loop Bending For Bird Toys

Posted by Jason (Owner) on Feb 10th 2020

Have you ever wondered how to properly put a bell on the end of a wire. Sometimes the loop comes out lopsided or does not close correctly. We made a video here at to help explain th … read more

Welcome To

Posted by Jason (Owner) on Jan 28th 2020

Welcome to our new wholesale priced bird toy part site. This site is designed to offer anyone who wants to build or start a bird toy business. We are constantly getting new items in and willing to fin … read more